Financial Services
Me Eugene Parise offers an innovative product in the field of finance and international investment.

Parise Avocat offers financing solutions for your growth, of the services – advice strategic on M & A, of the restructurings of companies, of the privatizations and transactions of PE. Offices are situated to Fribourg with a representation in Zurich, London and New York, grouping a team of international professionals.

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Parise Avocat

PFI assists the entrepreneurs who operate on the international

PFI assists the entrepreneurs who operate on the international, for all their steps as for the obtaining of an appropriate fiscal residence ( Which does not mean: to reside 6 months and 1 day for example in Hong-Kong, London or somewhere else), the implementation of a delocalized structure in line with their business, as well as the monitoring and management of relations with tax administrations.

Opening of your IBAN without moving you in less 5 minutes on-line

PFI offers you a prepaid card associated with an account of functioning will enable you to operate internationally in peace of mind.
PFI is the authorized partner, for the opening of the online bank accounts, of Bank CIM.

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